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Dodge 50
Here you can find technical and service information on the Renault Dodge / Karrier Dodge 50 series of vehicles:
S35, S46, S56, S66, S75 the RB 4x4 (Non MOD spec Variant)

Owners and Lovers of 50's, 100's and RB44's Meet Up Sept 2014
East Yorkshire more info here on the forum and here on facebook and for the weekend event fundrasing go here and make a donation, no tickets for this event, as long as we cover the costs see here we can hold it :)

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On this site there are OVER 25,000 Pages, images & PDF downloads of Dodge 50 Information, Service, Maintenance and Pictures. Inc. 400 + Pages from the official Workshop manual and 1700 + images from the Parts Manuals and 15,000 + vehicle build spec sheets.Plus over 1500 pages from the RB44 Workshop, service and Parts manuals

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Who is Me and Why This Site

This Site is maintained and owned by Greg who has
A 1982 30ft S56 Motorhome (Brian),
a 1984 S75 van (Big Vern),
a 1984 S35 Chassis Cab Luton Box Van (Bertie)
1990 S56 Converted Welfare bus (Bonnie Bertha

MOD Spec Vehicles

RB44 Production Video on youtube
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RB44 Parts Manual (450Mb PDF)
Also available on CD for £7 inc P&P
(This file will take a few hours to download, depending on your connection speed.)

RB44 Workshop Manual (4 parts PDF)

Want to know how the RB44 cost the MOD Millions
The RB44 Story


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