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Is your vehicles 'Birthday Certificate' on this site?
If your dodge 50 was built between July 1982 and July 1990 we have its
'Birthday Certificate'
Yes if your vehicles chassis number is between these chassis numbers DD208300 (Feb '82) to HD218223 (Aug '87) and Mk11 from HD219001 (Aug '87 to LD223600 (July '90) here

Also On this web site
you can find technical and service information on the Renault Dodge / Karrier Dodge 1979 - 1993 50 series of vehicles:
S35, S46, S56, S66, S75
And the RB 4x4 (Non MOD spec Variants)


Buy Parts Directly from Dodge50.co.uk
Service Filter Kits / Ball Joints / Fan Belts / Wheel Studs / Bearings / Mirror Glass & More

Other Parts available from stock & to order for Dodge 50's and RB44's, all new unless stated, POA.
Please note not all parts Listed are available for all models.
Phone Sales / enquiries +44 (0) 7894 51 52 54


There are thousands upon thousands of images, pages, files & PDF downloads of Dodge 50 & RB44Information, Service, drivers handbook, Maintenance and Pictures. Inc. 500 + Pages from the official Workshop manual and 1700 + images / pages from the Parts Manuals and 15,000 + vehicle specific build spec sheets.Plus over 1500 pages from the RB44 Workshop, service and Parts manuals and so much more


Dodge50.co.uk also offers the following services:
Starter Motor Rebuilds, Brake Shoe Relining,
Bonnet Restoration,
Arranging / Suppling Reconditioned Clutch and Brake Slave Cylinders, Clutch Plate and Covers,
Help With Downrating / Uprating Taxable Classification,
Visits to Your Vehicle for That Specialist Help,
Insurance & Recovery Advice.

Who is Me and Why This Site

This Site is maintained and owned by Greg who has
A 1982 30ft S56 Motorhome (Brian),
a 1984 S75 van (Big Vern),
a 1984 S35 Chassis Cab Luton Box Van (Bertie)
1990 S56 Converted Welfare bus (Bonnie Bertha

Big Vern Parked up at
High & Over near SeaFord, East Sussex 1999

Here you can find info on the MOD Spec Reynolds Boughton Mk2 RB44 Vehicles 1989 > 93

RB44 Production Video on youtube
Click Here

RB44 Parts Manual
(450Mb PDF)
Also available on CD for £7 inc P&P
(This file will take a few hours to download, depending on your connection speed.)

RB44 Workshop Manual
(4 parts PDF)

Want to know how the RB44 cost the MOD Millions
The RB44 Story

Working daily, this restored RB44 has been converted to Recovery by John of Dial a Tow Ltd (Scotland).



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