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Index Page for Mk 2 ( 09/87 > 09/93 ) Brake Systems S35 / S46 / S56 / S66 / S75

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S35 / S46 / S56 / S66 Front Disk brakes on the Mk2 vehicles are either vented or non vented.

The S56 Bus chassis / axle package (PSV) and all Mk2 S66 vehicles Have the 2 x 50 Pin slider calipers with Vented Brake Disks (AP Lockheed )

The S46 and S56 haulage (vans) have the 4 x 46m 4 pot, calipers. (AP Lockheed)

The AP Lockheed seal replacement kit numbers for both of these caliper types can be found here.

S75 Models, Air / Hydraulic Brakes have Drum front on All models. (AP Lockheed)

Ma030 Page 1 to 3 Torque settings

Ma110 Page 1 to 5.---- 4 x 46M Caliper with Non Vented Disks, 5 pages. For 1987-93 S35, S46, S56 only

Ma120 Page 1 to 8.---- 2 x 50 Pin Slider Caliper with Vented Disks,8 pages. For 1987-93 S56 Psv and S66 only

Ma130 Page 1 to 4 ----AP Lockheed 13 x 4 2LS Air / Hydraulic Front Drum Brakes S75 Haulage.

Ma140 Pages 1 to 4---- Girling 13 x 5 Front Drum Brakes (only fitted to S75 30+ Seater buses and SEO's )

Ma150 Pages 1 to 5 -----Girling Rear Brakes fitted to S35 S46 S56 S66 (not S75)

Ma160 Pages 1 to 5 ----AP Lockheed 13 x 5 1/2 fitted to all S75 & S56 PSV Mk2 buses (different w/cyl bores)

Ma190 Page 1 ----- ----Bleeding the hydraulic brake system

Ma200 Pages 1 to 4 ----AP Lockheed 27mm Tandem Brake Master Cylinder S35/46/56/66

Ma210 Pages 1 to 5 ----1.75 x 2.oo Tandem Master Cylinder S75 fitted to Haulage

Ma220 Pages 1 to 4---- 1.75 x 2.oo Tandem Master Cylinder S75 fitted to PSV

Ma250 Pages 1 to 7 ----Vacuum Servo fitted to S35/S46/56/66



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