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Renault Dodge Truck 100,000 mile service sheet


Lubrication, Level Checks and Filters Note and report for rectification any oil leaks from engine, gearbox and rear axle.

Petrol and diesel engines.

Renew engine oil.

Renew engine oil filter.

Lubricate Steering swivels.

Propshaft U.J's and sliding sleeves.

Handbrake compensator.

Door locks and hinges.

Automatic transmission. Renew oil. Renew filter. Adjust bands.

Manual gearbox, Renew oil. Clean breather.

Check and Top Up Engine coolant inc. antifreeze (maintaining strength).

Clutch fluid reservoir.

Brake fluid reservoir.

Steering unit oil and check for leaks.

Power steering reservoir (when fitted).

Rear axle oil and clean breather.

Battery level and clean and protect terminals.

Under Vehicle and Engine Compartment Petrol engine.

Renew spark plugs.

Clean examine HT leads. Check/adjust ignition timing.

Check/adjust carburettor setting and slow running.

Check/adjust drive belts.

Clean crankcase breather and renew P.C.V. valve.

Inspect/clean air cleaner element.

Renew in line fuel filter.

Under Vehicle and Engine Compartment (Contd.)

Diesel engines. Renew fuel filter element. Clean sediment strainer fuel lift pump.

Inspect/clean air cleaner element.

Check/adjust drive belts. Check/adjust slow running.

Clean water trap, drain tank sediment if necessary,

Check/decoke compressor (RB75)*

Check fuel system for leaks and corroded or chafing pipes.

Check cooling system for leaks and check condition of hoses.

Check condition of clutch pipes, checking for leaks.

Check condition of brake pipes and hoses.

Check brake system for fluid or air leaks.

Clean air brake in line filter (RB75)*.

Check operation of air reservoir auto drain valve (RB75)*.

Check hydraulic dampers for leaks.

Check/adjust handbrake travel (46/56/66 models).**

Check security of sound insulation panels.

Floor Level Operations

Check/adjust front hub end float.

Check condition of front brake linings (drums removed) RB75*.

Disc brake models: Check condition of front pads for wear (4mm min.)

(RB66 examine caliper slide pin protective rubber boot and bush for damage.)


Check/adjust rear hub end float. Check condition of rear brake linings (drums removed).

Check wheel nut torque.

Check condition of tyres and adjust pressures including spare.

Check operation of brake fluid level switch.

Visually check condition of wiring.

Check condition of security of air trunking.


Before Road Test,

Check Operation of: Instruments.

Warning lights.



Road lamps.

Condition, security, operation of safety belts.

During Road Test,

Check Operation of: Engine.



Automatic transmission shift speeds.



After Road Test:

Check/top up automatic transmission.

Check unit for leaks

*R.B.75 refers to Karrier Dodge50 / Renault Dodge50 7-1/2 Tonne Vehicles, Air/Hydraulic system. (Non Disk Brake).

**46/56/66 Vehicles have Cable Handbreak only ( unless special conversion ).

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