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Checking the Fluid Level

The reservoir which is located under the bonnet has a dipstick fitted to the filler cap. Before removing the cap clean the outside thoroughly. If necessary top-up the reservoir to the level mark on the dipstick.

Reservoir Filter

The filter which is located within the reservoir unit must be renewed at the recommended intervals.
Proceed as follows;-

1) Thoroughly clean the outside of the reservoir.
2) Remove the centre stud nut and lift off the cover.
3) Remove the spring and spring seat and lift out the element.
4) Examine the cover and filler cap seals and renew if necessary.
5) Fit new element and locate spring seat and spring on the centre stud.
6) Fit and secure cover - do not overtighten.
7) With wheels in straight ahead position check fluid level and top-up if required.

Draining Steering Fluid

If for any reason it becomes necessary to drain the system, proceed as follows:-

To Drain
Apply parking brake; jack-up and support the front axle.
Remove the reservoir cover (for filter renewal).
Place a suitable container beneath the steering box and disconnect the two pipes from the unit.

The fluid will run out of the box onto the front spring assembly. It is therefore advisable to use a tray type container.
Operate the steering from lock to lock several times until fluid ceases to flow.
Immobilise ignition (petrol) or fuel system (diesel) and turn engine over on the starter (using short applications) to drain the fluid which is trapped within the power steering pump.
When fluid ceases to flow reconnect pipe unions.

To Refill and Bleed
Having fitted a new element in the reservoir refill with fresh fluid until the element is just covered. Start the engine and allow it to idle. As soon as the fluid in the reservoir starts to drop, top-up to maintain the level.
Bleed the system by turning the steering from lock to lock topping-up as necessary. Continue until level remains constant and air bubbles cease to appear in the reservoir. Stop the engine.
Refit the reservoir cover and top-up to correct level on dipstick.

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