Welcome to the only web site for the dodge50 series of vehicles.

The dodge50.co.uk Community Forum is the place to ask for help with technical questions, sales, parts, also to plead / beg or just rant.

Here you can find technical and service information on many aspects of the Renault Dodge / Karrier Dodge 50 series of vehicles, S35, S46, S56, S66, S75 the RB S66 / S75 and the Army spec RB44.

OVER 24,000 Pages and images of Dodge 50 Information, Service, Maintenance and Pictures. Inc. 400 + Pages from the official Workshop manual and 1700 + images from the Parts Manuals and 15,000 + vehicle build spec sheets.

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Greg has some new and secondhand parts

Graham has a stock of parts

JDS are brill renault parts peeps on
ask for Phill

This Site is maintained and owned by Greg Wells who owns A 1982 30ft S56 Motorhome (Brian), a 1984 S75 van (Big Vern),
a 1987 S66 Crewcab Tipper (Shorty) and a 1990 S56 Converted Welfare bus (Bonnie Bertha)


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