Parts Manuals Index (& help page)

Images supplied by Renault Trucks UK, Head Office .

Ok this is the jpeg parts listings help page.
If you get totally lost and stuck email me, contact at bottom.

1. Click the right index page,

Do you have a Mk1 or Mk2 dodge 50?

If Mk1 then see the new index page for the mk1 parts catologue first.Thanks to Neil Hilton :-)

Mk1 1979 to 1987 Part one or Part two. (Round headlights) and

Mk2 1987 to 1993. (square headlights).
Click the relevent link

2. The first two jpegs are of a breakdown of whats in each section and a diagramatic exploaded dodge 50 van with lettered sectioning of the parts that tie up with the first jpeg.

3. The MK2 Full parts manual goes to 600+ images and the Mk1 1100+ so follow this advice.
Please note. The images on Mk2 from 000580.jpg to 000633.jpg are full parts number listings in no particular order some have a referance to what the part is and where in the manual it is example 0038454000 rear hub seal section H61.5. Or some just have the part number and the manual reference.

On the Mk 1 part 2 directory, images 0000993.jpg to 00001096.jpg are the part number listings. See New mk1 help / index page Make a note of the section letters 'A' through 'V' to help you as you open the images and save them maybe?

The first parts section image is 0000012.jpg for the M2 petrol slant six engine, you will have to use images 000001.jpg and 000002.jpg to help you work out whats where.

PLEASE NOTE. There is no other index and no links between the files on the parts pages, only the mk1 index, this is because I have just uploaded 8 folders full of jpegs 3GB, you have to sort of work this one out for yourselves for the moment (Mk2 owners that is), as soon as I have time I will index it properly (or hopefully Neil will). Each file runs to 1.5mb or above, the files with the .LCK are of no use only the .jpg files


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