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Our B75 Dodge50, Big Vern

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Got a Camera Phone? Well if you have then email me a picture and I will add it here

All the above photos have been taken since May 1st in Yorkshire and West Sussex when we got our new S56 Bus 'Bonnie Bertha' and we met up with Mat and Family and their bus 'New Blue' in East Sussex. Also a few of inside as it gets converted but in no real order. Also some From Chichester Festival Theatre Carnival Day, West Sussex. And one working in my home town.

All Above taken in Northern France 6th-11th April 2003 (except the S/W/Base green Dodge, that lives near my mums in Newhaven, Sussex).

These Three above are at Frank Owens Off Junction 9 M65 Burnley.

Above are a mixture of my B75 van and Greg Taylors 2 S56 buses.

Dodge 50 series vehicles S46, S56, S66, RB75 +4X4
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