Handbook Index

From the official Dodge50 series drivers handbook.

This is the Index page for the Renault Dodge Driving and Maintenance Handbook Service Section .
All pages are Brief Descriptions and do not go into indepth detail.

Thanks to Toby for sorting out all the text in these pages.
These pages are mainly taken from the July 1987 and Oct 1988 Mk 2 handbooks, some pages are from the July 1981 and Feb 1987 Mk 1 handbooks and more will be added. If the page is only relevent to a certain vehicle type, the link is marked Mk1 (RB50) or Mk2 (R1B 50) or RB75 or R1B75 refers to pages specific to the 7,500kgs varients.

Mk1 dodge 50's are known as RB 50 series 1979 - 87 and the Mk 2 are the R1B 50 series 1987 - 93.

Fuse Box

Recomended Lubricants and their applications.

Capacities. Engines, Axles, Gearbox's etc.

Tyre Pressures For all vehicles excluding 4x4 varients.

Page42 Cooling System A

Page43 Cooling system B

Page44 Diesel engines-smoke emissions / fuel tank draining/ Water and Dirt trap

Pages45-46 Fuel lift Pump (also see) / Fuel filter renew (see also)

Page47 Priming Phaser Engine Mk 2 (for 4.236 engines Here Mk 1)

Page48 Fuel Injection Pump / injectors / engine speed adjustment ( Phaser) Mk 2

Page50 PCV Valve / In Line Filter (phaser) Mk 2

Page51 Petrol Carburettor / idling adjustment

Page52 Electronic Ignition System (Petrol )

Page53 Drive Belts Adjustments.

Page54 Belt Adjustment Power Steering

Page55 Hydraulic Clutch

Pages 56-57 GearBox Oil/ AutoMatic Transmission Oil

Pages58-59 Prop shaft Lubrication / Rear axle

Page61 Manual steering

Pages62-63 Power Steering

Pages64-65 Brake System General / Air / Vacuum

Pages66-67 Brake Air Line Filters / Spring Brake Unit (RB75 & R1B75 Only)

Page68-69 Hydraulic Fluids / Load sensing Valve

Page70-71a Brake Lining and Pad Wear / Handbrake Mk2

Page100-101 Brake Lining and Pad Wear / Handbrake Mk1

Page 123 Mk1 Brake Data






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