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Examine the gearbox for leaks and rectify if possible by tightening bolts. If leakage persists take the vehicle to your dealer for attention.

Checking the oil level

Check the gearbox oil level regularly and top-up if necessary. A combined oil level and filler plug on the left hand side of the gearbox is accessible from beneath the vehicle.

Check the oil level after the vehicle has been standing for some time and if possible ensure that the vehicle is standing on level ground. Top-up until oil reaches the filler plug aperture.

Gearbox breather

The gearbox breather should be cleaned at the recommended intervals stated in the service schedule.


Checking Fluid Level

The level of the transmission fluid must be checked at the recommended intervals and if necessary topped-up as follows:-

1) Remove the rear engine cover inside the cab.

2) Before removing the dipstick, wipe all dirt off the protective cap and top of the filler tube.

3) With the selector lever in 'N' (neutral), engine running at idle speed and the fluid at normal operating temperature, approximately 79.4 degrees Celsius (175 degrees Fahrenheit), the fluid level is correct if it is between the "Add 1/2 litre" and "Full" marks on the dipstick.

4) Refit the dipstick and rear engine cover.

Removing the sump from the transmission will expose the valve block. It is imperative that absolute cleanliness is observed since the ingress of the smallest piece of dirt or grit could seriously impair its operation.

Band Adjustment
This operation should be carried out when the fluid and filter changes are carried out. Adjustment of the bands is critical to the correct function of the unit and should therefore be left to your dealer.

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