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Hydraulic System

The hydraulic fluid reservoir is located beneath the bonnet near the brake fluid reservoir.
Check the level of the fluid at regular intervals and if necessary top-up to within 12mm (1/2 inch) from the filler aperture. Do not overfill otherwise clutch slip could occur when the fluid expands in hot weather. Check that the breather hole in the top edge of the filler cap is clear.

Topping-up should only be necessary at long intervals. Regular topping up or a sudden fall in fluid could indicate a leak in the system and this should be traced and rectified immediately by an authorised dealer.

The clutch withdrawal mechanism is self adjusting and therefore requires no attention apart from lubrication at the withdrawal lever.

Fluid and Seal changes

This is not a normal routine maintenance operation and must therefore be specifically requested when the vehicle is taken to the dealer for service.


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