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Lubrication nipples are incorporated in the universal joints and sliding sleeves. Apply grease of the correct grade at the recommended intervals.
The centre bearings are packed with grease on assembly and require no further attention.




The level of the oil in the rear axle must be checked regularly and topped up if necessary. In addition the oil must be changed completely at the intervals stated in the service schedule.
Check the unit for leaks and rectify if evident by tightening appropriate nuts or bolts. A persistent leak or a leak from the front of the differential housing should be dealt with by your dealer.

Checking Oil Level

A combine oil filler and level plug will be found located in the rear cover.
With the vehicle standing on level ground clean the area around the filler plug (A) remove the plug and top up with oil of the correct grade until level with the plug orifice. Do not overfill. Replace the filler plug.

To Drain and Refill

The rear axle oil should be renewed at the recommended intervals.
Draining the oil is best done when the axle is warm and the lubricant flows more easily.
1) Wipe the area around the drain plug (B) - and remove the drain plug.
2) Allow the oil to drain completely.
3) Replace the drain plug.
4) Wipe the area around the filler plug and remove the plug. Fill with the correct grade of oil until level with the filler plug orifice. Do not overfill.
5) Replace the plug


A breather (C) located in the top of the rear axle differential casing must be removed and cleaned at the intervals stated in the service schedules.

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