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Dodge 50 Series Workshop Manual

A440 Page 2

To Renew Later Type Filter Enement

1. Thoroughly clean the exterior of the filter assembly.
2. Holding the filter base, unscrew the setscrew in
the centre of the filter head and lower the base
and filter element (Fig. N.8). Discard the filter
3. Thoroughly clean the filter head and base.
4. Inspect the sealing rings and renew if damaged
in any way.
5. Place the base squarely on the bottom of the new
filter element and offer up the element squarely to
the filter head so that the top rim of the element
locates centrally against the sealing ring in the
filter head,
6. Hold in this position whilst the securing setscrew
is located and screwed home.
7. Bleed the fuel system

N9 Lift Pump (earlier)

Fuel Lift Pump
Testing the Pump in Position

1 Disconnect the outlet pipe (lift pump to filter)
leaving a free outlet from the pump.
2. Rotate the engine. There should be a spurt of fuel
from the outlet port once every two revolutions.

To Clean the Pump Chamber
1. Remove the fuel lift pump cover and pulsator dia-
phragm (Fig. N9 or N9A).
2. Clean the sediment chamber and check the dia-
phragm for condition.
3. Refit the diaphragm and cover. Tighten the secur-
ing screw just sufficiently to make a tight sealing
4. Vent the fuel system.

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