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Dodge 50 Series Workshop Manual

A440 Page 1

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter is of the paper element type, and no
attempt should be made to clean the element. It should
be renewed when periodical maintenance is being
carried out.

The filters fitted to earlier engines have a separate
element positioned inside a bowl whereas filters fitted
to later engines have an encapsulated element held
between the filter head and the filter base.

The period for changing the element will largely depend
upon the quality and condition of the fuel available.

| Operating and maintenance information can be found in
| the multi-lingual 4,236 Series Users Handbook.

To Renew Earlier Type Filter Element

1. Remove filter bowl as In Figs. N.6 and N.7.
2. Discard the dirty element. Remove the lower ele-
ment sealing washer, seal seating and spring from
the bowl.
3. Clean the inside of the bowl and centre tube.
4. Fit the spring and seal seating to the bowl. Ex-
amine the lower seal, renew if necessary and refit
to the bowl. Place the new element in position in
the bowl.
5. Ensure that the element and bowl seals are In good
condition, if not, fit new seals.
6. Refit the bowl to the top cover.
7. Vent the fuel system.


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