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Handbrake / Drum Brake Adjustment

Disc brakes Mk 2 Dodge 50 Series Only

Disc brakes are self adjusting.
Brake pad wear can be checked after removing the front wheels as follows:-
S46, S56 haulage - Through the front opening in the caliper.
S56 PSV, S66 - Through the gap (A).
Minimum disc pad thickness on all models is 4mm.
S56 P.S.V., S66 - The caliper slider pins, rubber boots and bushes (B) should be checked or renewed at the intervals stated in the servicing schedule

Drum brakes Mk 2 (Mk 1 Below)

All drum brakes are self adjusting.
Rear brakes have lining inspection holes (A) protected by covers.
Front brakes Air/Hydraulic do not have lining inspection holes. Vacuum/Hydraulic do.
Front and rear brakes have slots (B) which give access to manually adjust the brakes.

Occasionally lubricate the handbrake pivot, ratchet and pawl assembly. Also lubricate all clevis pins in the cable linkage.
Normal handbrake travel should be 6 to 8 clicks of the ratchet as the lever is applied. Excessive travel indicates stretch in the cable linkage which must be taken up by accurate re-adjustment carried out by your Dealer / Trusted Friend / Mechanic


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