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Spring Brake Unit Dodge50 Series B75 & RB75 Only

Under no circumstance should this unit be touched except by experienced personnel with special equipment. The compression of the spring is very high and, if released without proper equipment, can inflict serious injury.

The parking brake is operated by a spring unit located in a chamber on the rear axle.
A 'wind-off' is incorporated in the actuator to release the rear brakes if it is required to move the vehicle when a fault in the air system or hand control valve will not release the brakes in the normal way. A special spanner is provided with each vehicle. But Your Very Lucky If You Have One!!!!!!!!!!!

The vehicle must not be driven on public road with the mechanism wound back. Any attempt to drive it would be illegal and dangerous.

To Wind-off
1) Chock the wheels, couple the vehicle to the towing unit with a rigid tow bar, and apply the parking brake on the towing unit.
2) Roll back the gaiter from the pull rod and mark the position of the locknut relative to the pull rod. Slacken the locknut and rotate the pull rod sleeve (A) clockwise, ensuring the pull road does not turn in the fork end.
Initial movement will relax the power spring, then the pull rod will lengthen to release the rear brakes.
3) The wind-off mechanism must be reset to the original condition by reversing the procedure when the appropriate repairs have been completed.

Two lubricators (B) are situated on the handbrake compensator unit located on the rear axle. Lubricate at the recommended intervals.

Air Line Filters

Three air line filters are fitted in the air system.
One in line filter (A) is fitted adjacent to the quadruple protection valve, and one in each inlet port of the foot valve.
At recommended intervals the in line filter should be removed and cleaned.

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