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Flushing the Cooling System

It is recommended that the cooling system be
flushed out every 2 years to remove any sediment or
sludge which may affect the efficiency of the system.
The best time to do this is when refilling the system
with anti-freeze.

1. Drain the system as described previously.

2. Insert a cold water supply hose in the header tank
filler neck, and regulate the flow of water so that
overflow does not occur. Flush the system until
clean water is seen to flow from the bottom hose
and cylinder block.

3. Refill the system.

To Refill
1. Set the heater control to 'Hot'.
2. Refit the bottom hose and replace the cylinder
block drain plug.
3. Refill the system with clean (soft where possible)
water and the necessary proportion of anti-
4. Run the engine for a short time to disperse any air
locks and check for leakage.
5. Re-check coolant level and top up as necessary.
6. Refit the engine under-tray if previously removed.

Protecting the system throughout the year
This vehicle is supplied with a cooling fluid which
contains a proportion of 30 by volume of antifreeze.
This fluid ensures protection of the cooling system
(anticorrosion, scale inhibition, etc.). The proportion
of 30% gives frost protection in temperatures down to

For temperatures below this, it is essential to adopt
the correct concentration for the protection required.
Above 55%, protection against cold and cooling
efficiency are reduced
Therefore, never exceed this value.

The protective mixture can remain in The system
for 2 years, but the concentration must be closely
monitored during the winter months
In all countries, what evenhe Ciimale or the season,
never allow the concentration t3 drop belou 30 in
order to ensure adequate anti-corrosion protection of
the system.

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