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Smoke Emission
To ensure that your vehicle complies with the
'moke emission regulations the following points must
as observed:

1 NEVER attempt to alter the diesel fuel injection
pump and governor settings. This work is for the
specialist and must only be entrusted to him.

2 NEVER use substitute equipment for the fuel, air or
exhaust systems. Only parts to the original
specifications may be used.

3 ALWAYS ensure that the fuel, air and exhaust
systems are correctly maintained.
Remember, it is an offence for vehicles to give off
excessive smoke.

Fuel Tank

Draining Sediment
At the recommended intervals the fuel tank should
be drained of any sediment. The fuel tank drain plug is
located at the base of the fuel tank.

Place a suitable container beneath the drain plug.
Remove the plug and allow about half a pint of fuel to
drain off before replacing the plug.

Water and Dirt Trap
The water and dirt should be drained from the bowl
at the periods shown in the service schedule, unless
fuel or operating conditions require more frequent

1 Drain the contents of the bowl into a suitable

2 Remove four setscrews securing the bowl clamp
ring to the head casting, and remove clamp ring
and plastic bowl.

3 Thoroughly clean bowl and deflector plate.
4 Check the sealing ring in the head casting, renew
if necessary.

5 Fit the deflector plate in the bowl and fill with
clean fuel prior to refitting and ensure an airtight

joint is obtained.

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