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The radiator header tank is situated to one side of
the engine compartment beneath the bonnet.
\o radiator drain plug or tap is provided.

Cylinder block drain plugs are located on the
engine as follows:-

6 Cylinder petrol engine.
Right hand side immediately to rear of the oil

4 Cylinder diesel engine (illustrated).
Rear right hand side near clutch release lever.

WARNING. If it is necessary to remove the pressure
cap from the header tank whilst the engine is hot,
cover the cap with a cloth and release it very slowly
allowing a gradual escape of pressure (steam) from
the system.

Header tank

Radiator External Cleaning
In very dusty conditions or where insects are
numerous the radiator (core) should be kept clear by
periodic blowing with compressed air from the engine

Draining the Cooling System
1. Set the heater control to 'Hot' and remove the
header tank cap.
2. Remove the cylinder block drain plug and
disconnect the bottom radiator hose at the
radiator. Allow to drain.

Cooling water drain plug - diesels

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