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The petrol engine is equipped with an electronic ignition system, the usual 'contact breaker' being replaced by an electromagnetic pick-up that requires no periodic adjustments or servicing. The position of the pick-up in relation to the moving parts of the distributor is very critical and the setting requires specialist knowledge and equipment. You are advised not to interfere with the distributor beyond the attention detailed under 'Distributor Servicing' and to allow only an authorised dealer to carry out any additional work.
The ignition coil, high tension leads, distributor and sparking plugs fitted conform to ignition suppression regulations. When replacements are necessary they must have identical performance characteristics to the original equipment.

Distributor Servicing
Remove the distributor cap and check that the carbon brush is making good contact with the rotor arm.
Check that ignition cables are clean and securely connected but do not disturb unnecessarily. Spark leakage can occur if dirt is allowed to accumulate.
Any fault should be investigated and corrected only by your dealer.

To Remove and Clean
1) Disconnect the high tension leads. Do not pull on the leads to disconnect them from the plugs.

2) Clean the plug recesses in the cylinder head.

3) Remove the plugs with a well fitting box spanner.

4) Examine each plug in turn. If they are oily wash them in petrol. Clean any carbon deposit on the electrodes with a copper wire brush or preferably a sand-blast type cleaner. Renew the plugs if electrodes are worn.

5) Check the plug gaps and adjust if necessary. When setting the gap it is important to note that only the side electrode should be bent and that the central electrode should not be used as a lever fulcrum point. If the central electrode is bent the insulation will crack.

6) To avoid damage when refitting, the spark plugs should be screwed down as far as possible by hand before finally tightening with a plug spanner.

Do not overtighten.

7) Reconnect the high tension leads in the correct firing order.

Sparking Plugs

The sparking plugs should be removed, cleaned and adjusted at the recommended intervals. The correct gap setting and plug type will be found under "Specifications".


The plugs have a taper seat which provides a gas tight seal; therefore no gasket is necessary.
The plugs are 5/8 inches across flats and should be removed using a thin walled deep set socket, 3/8 in square drive and a universal joint.

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