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The belt should never be allowed to become loose enough to slip as this can cause overheating and undercharging, nor should it be overtightened as this may be the cause of overload on the alternator or water pump bearings.

To Check

To check belt tension apply a light pressure to the belt at a point midway along the longest unsupported length and measure the deflection. This should be as follows:-

6 Cylinder petrol engine - 12mm(1/2in)
4 Cylinder diesel engine - 9mm(3/8in)

To Adjust - Fan Belt

Belt tension is adjusted by altering the position of the alternator.
Loosen the nuts and bolts securing the alternator to its mounting bracket and adjusting strap and the setscrew securing the strap at the cylinder block.
Move the alternator to give the correct tension, tighten all fixings and recheck the tension.

NOTE. When fitting a new belt, the adjustment should be rechecked after a short period of running to allow for initial stretch and bedding in.

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