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Carburettor Petrol Engines

Caution Carburettors are designed to comply with current legislative requirements in respect of emission standards. It is very important that any adjustments which can affect these emissions are left to your dealer.
Any replacement parts which might be necessary must be identical in specification to those fitted as original equipment.

Idling Adjustment
Minor adjustments may be made only at the idling screw in order to maintain the recommended idling speed as quoted in 'Specifications'.
With the engine at its normal operating temperature, turn the idling screw clockwise to increase engine speed.

1) The ignition high tension circuit - between the coil and spark plugs, and the control unit - operates at a very high voltage which can be dangerous, particularly to people with heart complaints or with 'pacemakers'. Do not handle these leads when the engine is running.

2) The control unit of the electronic ignition is mounted on the L.H.S. of the engine compartment beneath the bonnet. The circular protrusion on the top of the control unit is a power transistor that carries very high voltage. Take care not to touch the transistor when the engine is running.

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