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PCV Valve Mk 2 Dodges

To Test
Operation of the PCV valve should be checked as follows:-
1) With the engine idling pull the PCV valve (B) from the rocker cover. A hissing noise should be heard as air passes through the valve and a string suction felt when a finger is placed over the valve inlet.

2) Replace the OCV valve in the rocker cover.

3) Remove the crankcase inlet filter and hold a piece of stiff paper or thin card over the hole. Allow about a minute for crankcase pressure to drop and the paper should be sucked against the hole with noticeable force.

4) Replace the crankcase cleaner.

5) Switch off the engine.

6) Remove the PCV valve from the rocker cover and shake. A rattling noise should be heard indicating that the valve mechanism is free.

7) If the preceding tests prove positive the PCV valve may be refitted and the crankcase ventilation system deemed satisfactory. If any of the tests should indicate a fault, the PCV valve should be renewed and the pipe lines cleaned.

NOTE: Never attempt to clean the PCV valve.

To Renew
The cleaner and valve must be renewed in accordance with the service schedules.

In Line - Fuel Filter Mk 2 Dodge50

A renewable paper element type filter is mounted adjacent to the fuel tank and in the fuel line between tank and lift pump.

Caution. To prevent the siphoning effect which can occur with a full tank, disconnect the feed line at the tank unit.

To renew the element, unscrew the bottom container and pull the old element from the stub leading away from the upper chamber.

Remove the large sealing ring from the filter body and clean the container thoroughly.

Fit a new element engaging the 'O' ring seal over the upper chamber stub.

Fit a new sealing ring and replace the container.

Filters should be renewed at the periods stated in the service schedules.

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