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Dodge 50 Series Workshop Manual

A440 Page 9


Priming fuel system on Mk 2 Dodge50 with phaser engine here from Renault Dodge Handbook

Maximum Speed Setting

The maximum speed screw seal of
the original fuel pump must not be broken or tampered
with in any way unless factory authority is first obtained.
Failure to do so may result in the guarantee becoming void.

Code Example:- AS62/800/0/3130

NOTE: If the fuel pump data plate is damaged or
defaced so as to make it impossible to read the code,
or if the code is not stamped on the plate, you are
advised to contact your nearest Perkins Distributor or
C.A.V. dealer, or alternatively, Service Department,
Perkins Engines Limited, Peterborough, to obtain the
correct setting.

Note: The setting codes of current
pumps are different, for example: 2643C178LS/5/1890.

IMPORTANT. Under no circumstances should the
engine be allowed to operate at a higher speed than
specified or severe damage to the engine may result.
Idling Speed Setting
The engine idling speed is adjusted by the idling screw.
With the engine warm, turn the screw clockwise to
increase the engine speed and anti-clockwise to

The idling speed will vary, according to application. For
details apply to the nearest Perkins Distributor or C.A.V.
Dealer, alternatively Service Department, Perkins
Engines Limited, Peterborough.

Note; The idle speed is normally fixed on Stanadyne
constant speed pumps.

Priming the Fuel System

Dodge50 Series Perkins 4.236 engine fuel system. How to Bleed it Part One

The air must be vented from the fuel system whenever
any part of the system between the fuel tank and injec-
tion pump has been disconnected for any reason, or
when the system has been emptied of fuel.
No attempt must be made to start the engine until the
injection pump has been filled and primed as serious
damage can be caused to the pump due to lack of

Note: Some engines are fitted with a Stanadyne fuel
injection pump. These pumps are self venting and will
automatically remove air from the system.

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