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Priming Fuel System on a Mk 2 Dodge 50 Phaser / Turbo

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To Vent the Fuel System

1) Although the fuel filter is self venting through a 0.5mm diameter hole, it will be quicker to fill an empty filter by operating the fuel lift pump priming lever after first loosening the fuel return banjo bolt. When fuel free from air bubbles appears around the banjo, retighten bolt.

2) Set throttle to fully open position. Engine stop solenoid must be fully energised by turning starter key to position "II".

3) Loosen the pipe union nut (A) at the fuel injection pump inlet. Operate priming lever until fuel free from air bubbles appears around the threads, then retighten union nut.

4) Loosen any two high pressure pipe unions at the injector end.

5) Operate starter motor until fuel free from air bubbles issues from both pipes. Retighten both pipe unions.

6) Start the engine. If the engine stops after a short running period, there may still be some air in the system. Reprime the complete system.


When carrying out this procedure great care must be taken to prevent fuel under pressure from contacting the skin since it will penetrate with ease.

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