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OVER 500 Pages and 20,000 images of Dodge 50 Information, Service, Maintenance and Pictures. Inc. over 300 Pages from the official Workshop manual and 600+ images from the Parts Manuals and 15,000 vehicle build spec sheets.

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Welcome to the only web site for the dodge50 series of vehicles.
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Mk 1 Aug 1979 to July 1987 Parts list reference pages for the parts catologue
Catologue Part one Images 1 to 599 or Catologue Part two. Images 600 to 1096

If you go through the lists (links below) before trying to go through the parts catologue (links above) you can reference the page numbers with the image numbers and description.

All the pages are in english except where stated, the number 2 image is very handy to see which sections cover which bits of the vehicle. It is best if you go to identify my vehicle and also the chassis / build spec identification pages first, so you can see what axle code or engine code your vehicle has for example.

For example: Mk1 s46 van. SDGB46KOCED211747 Spec sheet here has a U1 engine (perkins 4 cylinder 4.236) an ax6 rear axle with a ratio of 3.909 was a chassis cab etc.

So you have a bit of help now Thanks to Neil Hilton who has referenced these pages for you all.

Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5.

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