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Workshop Manual Section A450
Removing the 4.236 Engine.

First you need a vehicle

Order of Removal
First Section.

1. Front Grill, Light Surrounds, Heater Trunking.

2. Oil Drain, Front top cross member, front Panels.

3.Radiator / heating hoses.

4. Bumper and Front Outer Crossmember. Air Filter.

5. Front Inner Cross Member. Throttle Cable.

6. Bonnet, Alternator, Wiring.

7. Clutch Slave, Air inlet manifold /fuel preheater, Fuel line.

8. Exhaust.

9. Support your engine.

10. Engine mounts.

11. Bell housing split.

12. Bell housing split / twist /engine out (inside).

13. Engine coming out (front).

14. Engine Out.

Vinces First Trip Out.

How to put it back in...coming soon....or...It is the reverse of the removal process!



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Welcome to the "How to take out a Perkins 4.236 from a Mk1 S46 Dodge50 and then get it back in again" workshop. Please read notes at bottom of this page(updated 18/09/15*)

Ok it's not Haynes but Still we start with a whole (well not quite whole) vehicle and finish with a whole (much less holes now, Toby has welded up the wheel arches and floorpan!) vehicle.

We have tried to cover all aspects of taking one of these heavy engines out, you do need to use your loaf (organic is best) when handling heavy things like this.

Each page has one main picture and a description of what we did in order of removal and refitting and smaller more detailed pictures, some with numbers and sub notes to help you.

Some pictures from the Refit where the engine is much cleaner and we had a slightly different engine hoist, have been used in the Removal section as we didn't take as many photos at that time. So if your dodge50 looks much dirtier, so was this one!

Suggested tools are to be found at the right hand side of the page, a description of what we did and how did it for each section in the middle and the order of what we did on the left side.

Remember, engines are heavy, it is best to have two people, three is better, can be done alone but thats just mad.

The vehicle we have used for this project (Vince) Belongs to Toby, who was the first person to come accross the website back in 2002.

The project was undertaken by Toby and Greg With the help of Ian and Otto.

Vince is a Long Wheel Base S46 Mk 1 Panel van fitted with a Perkins 4.236 3.8 litre non turbo engine.

Please note:

We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible and cover all aspects of the project. We do not however take any responsibility for any mistakes / accidents / injuries or costs incured by following the procedures we have set down in writing and photo format.

Pictures from the Refit are also used in the Removal section as we have more of these, we have done this to give you a more detailed guide, rather than having the bell housing together and then totally apart we have used pictures to show the whole process for example.

* I will be updating this workshop over the next couple of weeks with some tips and ideas that I have gained over the last decade which should help even more.
Keep it Dodgy




Recomended tools for the job.

Open ended / Ring Spanners 7mm to 27mm plus 13mm / 14mm / 17mm and 19mm ratchet ring spanners. (make your life much easier)

Half inch drive 10mm to 27mm socket set with short and long extensions + knuckle joint.
Quarter inch drive t-bar with 7mm to 13mm sockets.

Mixture or Flathead and Posidrive screwdrivers small to large.

Mole grips, short and long nose pliers.

Crow Bar, Lever Bar.

A Bucket, A can of WD40, Elbow grease, mixture of blocks of wood.

Trolly jack of decent size, not the silly car 2 tonnes type but a decent size one.

Mobile 1,000Kg min Engine hoist.

Torch, First Aid Kit, fresh coffee /beer / fags / *lighter, food, more food, biscuits, chocolate (LOTS) or any other luxurys you prefer.

*delete / add as you see fit.