Down / Up Rating

PDF files Down rating and up rating information, you need a VTG10 from DVLA / VOSA

Click the links below and you will get a pdf file downloaded which should automaticly open with adobe acrobat or similar program on your computer / web device. Pdf files can be viewed on some mobile phones.
(Excluding Mk2 S56 (5,600kgs) replated to 6.600kgs which will download as a word .doc file)

Updated 13/10/09

Remember to use the VTG10 and the correct information sheet.

R+B 50 series 1979 to Aug 1987

R1B 50 series Sept 1987 to May 1993

(R+B and R1B have nothing to do with RB44's or RB S66 / S75 4X4 by Reynolds Boughton)

Downrating s56 / s46 to s35

Mk 1 and Mk2 S46 (4,600kgs) replated to 3,500kgs (plg) R+B, R1B. (PDF)

Mk1 S56 (5,600kgs) replated to 3,500kgs (plg) R+B. (PDF)

Mk2 S56 (5,600kgs) replated to 3,500kgs (plg)R1B. (PDF)


Uprating S35 to S46 / S46 to S56 / S56 to S66

Mk1 S46 (4,600kgs) replated to 5,600kgs. R+B. (PDF)

Mk1 S56 (5,600kgs) Replated to S66 (6,600kgs) R+B (Word doc)

Mk2 S35 ( 3,500kgs) replated to 4,600kgs R1B. (PDF)

Mk 2 S35 (3.500kgs) & S46 (4.600kgs) replated to S56 (5.600kgs) R1B (PDF)

Mk2 S56 (5,600kgs) Replated to (6600 kg) GVW R1B ( Word .doc )




(Inc RB44) /



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