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History of Renault, Dodge and Karrier Motors. Part 1

More here as well The first history page.


If you go to http://fleetdata.co.uk/renault.html you will find a short piece on the renault / dodge history, i never new renault was made up in 1978 and took over dodge / karrier in 1980, i knew it was around then also in 1992 renault only sold 2000 commercial trucks built at dunstable so closed production that year, so it was 1979 t0 1993 for sure.

also more at http://fleetdata.co.uk/dodge.html

and 10+ dodge50 pictures in the renault and dodge gallery.


Ok Here We Go, well me anyway.

Karrier motors started life in 1904 in Hudersfield, but not as Karrier motors but as Clayton and Company, in 1908 that started making Karrier cars and in 1920 changed names to Karrier Motors Ltd and after a couple of takeover bids in 1934 the Rootes group aquired Karrier into it's fold and moved production to Luton closing the Hudersfield operation.

Dodge came to the uk in 1922 and started out importing american dodge build ups to build here at a production line in fulham then to Park Royal and moving production to Kew, dodges built there known as Dodge Kew's.

In 1965 production moved to Dunstable where Commer / Dodge and Karrier were all bought together and the Dodge Badge was started to be used more and by the mid seventies was on all commer / karrier / Dodge built vehicles.

in 1970 the Roots Group European arm became Chrysler UK then it was taken over in 1979 by the Peugeot Talbot group which also included allsorts of makes like humber cars, in Jan 1980 All Commer / Karrier / Dodge vehicles officially became Talbot.

Also in 1978 Renault Truck Ind. was created.

Peugeot had no intrest in truck building and sold it on to Renault in 1981.

The 50 series which was the result in the british goverment in 1975/76 giiving dodge / karrier / commer / chrysler uk a boost in providing the money to develop a 3.5 to 7.5 tonne range of vehicles to help keep the uk truck building business on an even keel.

In 1979 the 50 series came out, 25 years ago this year! Badged as Chrysler Dodge with a karrier plate

In 1980 the 50 series was badged Dodge with a Talbot Plate

In 1983 the 50 series was badged dodge with a renault plate

In 1985 the 50 series was badged dodge with a renault logo and renault plate

in 1987 the 50 series became the New 50 series, badged as Renault 50 series with a renault plate.

In 1992 renault sold less than 2000 uk built commercial vehicles

In 1993 (March) the 50 series production line was closed as was all the others.

Dodge Karrier Commer Were no more, Renault UK Built trucks went as well, now it's the main Renault UK Distribution centre for it's FRENCH built Tractor units!!

Boo Hoo

In 1994 a group of chinese people came and took away the entire production line.

In Oct. 2002 dodge50.co.uk was Formed

In Sept 2004 the first dodge50 live forum was held in North Lincs.

In Nov 2004 I wrote This


Dodgy Historian


Thats it for now folks


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