Build Sheet Index

15,000 Images converted from microfisch to jpeg format for supplied by Renault Trucks UK, Head Office .

Build spec sheets for
Mk1 chassis DD208300 to HD218223

Mk11 from HD 219001 to LD223600

All in jpeg format with an easy'ish index format for you to work through. (Some finger counting may be required LOL)
Help page here

Mk1 Below

Chassis DD208300 through to ED211298

Chassis ED211299 through to GD214278

Chassis GD214279 through to HD217259

Chassis HD217260 through to JD218223

Mk1 SEO numbers (Special equipment orders)

Mk2 below

Chassis HD219001 through to KD222005

Chassis KD222006 through to LD223600

Mk2 Seo's



(Inc RB44) /



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