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Electric Dodge 50? Yes it's true just look below

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The Dodge 50 Series Battery Electric is an urban delivery vehicle with a difference. Instead of a conventional internal combustion engine, it has a powerful electric motor driven by high-energy density lead-acid batteries.
It competes with conventional IC engined vehicles in both performance and cost.
Top speed is around 40 mph, achieved with good acceleration. Which is more than adequate for just about every urban delivery application.
Range is 45 to 5 5 miles between charges. Again, that's more than adequate, because around 75 % of all urban delivery vehicles travel a daily route well within that mileage.
An obvious saving in running costs is fuel - no petrol or diesel oil.
Other savings are less obvious, but no less significant.
You never have to change or top-up engine oil. Or gearbox oil.
There are no air or oil filters.
No coolant and antifreeze to check and replace.
No fuel pumps and filters.
No clutch to adjust or replace.
No ignition system. No injectors.
The maintenance cost of battery powered vehicles can be less than half of those petrol and diesel powered vehicles.
And down time is similarly slashed.
The operation of the Dodge 50 Series Battery Electric is very simple
Instead of a conventional gearbox you have the effect of automatic transmission-select your direction and from then on the rood speed is controlled by by the accelerator­

Full details are available from Karrier Motors Limited or your local dealer.



Dodge 50 series vehicles S46, S56, S66, RB75 +4X4
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