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Dodge 50 Series Workshop Manual

A440 Page 4

7. Push the rocker arm towards the pump until the

diaphragm is level with the body flanges. Place the
upper half of the pump into position as shown by
the file mark on the flanges, install the screws and
washers and tighten only until the heads just
engage the washer. Release the rocker arm and
push on the spaded end of the rod so as to hold
the diaphragm at the top of the stroke, and while so
held tighten the securing screws diagonally.

Note: The edges of the diaphragm should now be
flush with its two clamping flanges. Any appreciable
protrusion of the diaphragm indicates incorrect fitting.

8. Fit primer to side of body and retain with the
pin. Clip on priming lever spring.
9. Test the pump to ensure that it is working correctly.

To Refit the Pump
1. Refit the pump to the cylinder block. Use a new
Reconnect the fuel line and vent the system of air.

Fuel Injection Pump


The fuel injection pumps are of the DPA, DPS or
Stanadyne distributor type. It is a precision built unit
incorporating a simple hydraulic governor or one of the
mechanical governor type.
The pump is flange mounted and is driven from the
engine timing case.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless the necessary equipment
and experienced personnel are available, dismantling
of the fuel pump should not be attempted.

To Remove the Fuel Pump
(Hydraulic Governor)

1. Remove the high and low pressure pipes from the
fuel pump.
2. Disconnect the stop and throttle controls and re-
move the return springs.
3. Remove the fuel pump (Fig. N.11).

To Refit the Fuel Pump
(Hydraulic Governor)

1. Replace the fuel pump ensuring that the master
spline on its quill shaft will enter (he female spline
in the driving plate.

2. Position the fuel pump so that the scribed line on
the fuel pump flange aligns with the mark on the
fuel pump gear adaptor (Fig. N.12). Secure the
pump to the timing case. To check accuracy of
mark on fuel pump adaptor plate, this may be
ascertained in accordance with instructions for
marking new adaptor plates.N12

3. Refit the high and low pressure pipes to the fue

4. Re-connect the throttle and stop lever controls and
attach the return springs.

5. Vent the air from the fuel system .

6. Adjust the maximum and idling speeds

To Remove the Fuel Pump
(Mechanical Governor)

1. Remove the high and low pressure pipes from the
fuel pump.
2. Disconnect trie stop and throttle controls and
remove return springs and rear support bracket
where fitted.


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