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50 Series Section
#Greg has now retired from wheeled life and is living on his boat and unable to supply parts due to medical 'stuff'
This website will remain up for the foreseable future
Dodge 50 website will continue to grow, another 15+ Gb of vehicle data / info / specialist specs is too be added and this is just the start.
Check out Here where it is happening, please email / phone / text me if you need specific info, I may well be able to either just send you a link or update the website with that info for all.
I not got much else going on due to crappy medical shite so might as well build this historic site into a castle ......
Keep checking this page for more info / links to new stuff.
Take care all you lubberly vehicle crazies lol xxx
Greg or G Reg like my mk2 bus reg
Here is a link to my boat being lifted out the canal, over some trees On YouTube Here :-)

Original Workshop manuals available
all in A4 Renault Dodge Hard Folders.

Email if you need more info or want one.


On this web site you can find technical and service
information on the Renault Dodge / Karrier Dodge
1979 -1993 50 series of vehicles:
S35, S46, S56, S66, S75
And the RB44 4x4 Civilian Models

There are thousands upon thousands of images, pages, files & PDF downloads of Dodge 50 & RB44 Information, Service info, drivers handbook, Maintenance info and Pictures. Inc. 500 + Pages from the official Workshop manual and 1700 + images / pages from the Parts Manuals and 15,000 + vehicle specific build spec sheets ( Birthday Certificates). Plus over 1500 pages from the RB44 Workshop, service and Parts manuals and so much more

To anyone selling their vehicle...Warning!!

Please be aware that people who use Dodge 50's for Banger Racing are telling people lies about wanting the vehicles for campers or work vehicles when in reality they are not being truthfully.
If you can check out their facebook profiles and see any banger racing pics or friends with banger racing profile pics, beware. So if you are selling or know of someone who is, give them this warning as the more scrapped 50's there are, the less there are for the future.


If your 50 Series Vehicle was built
between July 82 and July 90
we have its 'Birthday Certificate'

Yes if your vehicles chassis number is between
Mk1 DD208300 to HD218223 and
Mk11 from HD219001 to LD223600
We will have the specific Order / Build
Specification Documentation HERE


Please note: We do not offer vehicle repairs onsite

Big Vern S75 HCV (B910 VRN) My First Dodge 50 Parked up at
High & Over near SeaFord, East Sussex 1999

RB44 section
Over Here you can find
workshop, maintenance & parts manual downloads, pictures and info for the MOD Spec Renault / Reynolds Boughton Mk2 RB44 Vehicles cir 1989 / 93


Working daily, this restored RB44 has been converted to a cherry picker for tree surgery

New 20 Pages PDF TUH

Original Renault / RB44 Production Video on youtube 10 minutes
Production Line & Off Road Trials Footage

RB44 Parts Manual 450Mb 1 x PDF

New Searchable Small File PDF version
Now Available Here 295mb
Thanks to Steve in Canada


Index page to
RB44 Workshop Manual 522 & 524
(Inc winch & PTO)

RB44 Maintenance Schedule 601

RB44 Inspection Standard P1 & P2


Want to know how
846 x RB44 vehicles cost the MOD Millions

The RB44 Story
Taken from official UK government papers
all available online


Slide show of RB44 and Civilian 4x4 50 series vehicles Here



Who is Me and Why This Site

This Site is maintained and owned by Greg who has
A 1982 30ft S56 Motorhome (Brian),
a 1984 S75 van (Big Vern),
a 1984 S35 Chassis Cab Luton Box Van (Bertie)
1990 S56 Converted Welfare bus (Bonnie Bertha




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