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And As A Last thing to add.

Public authorities must disclose properly requested information unless an exemption applies. In most cases, even where an exemption applies, they must still disclose information to the public if the public interest in disclosure is greater than the competing public interest in the particular exemption.

The Government revealed in February that the National Archives, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the MoD were top targets for requests under the new regime - but the MoD must surely claim the prize for the most unusual requests, including:

1. "Have we done any experiments with aliens? Have aliens actually landed on Earth? There are thousands of questions I could ask, but what I really want to know is are there extraterrestrials on this planet? Please, please, please could you tell me if there are photos? Because I really need to know. I PROMISE to keep it a secret."

2. "Please can you tell me which kind of tea is drunk by the Ministry of Defence?"

3. "Do you have or know where I could get a workshop manual for a Reynolds Boughton RB44 as I'm doing an overland trip from Sweden to Cape Town?"

4. "Can I have an old Royal Navy recipe for Sauteed Kidneys and Curried Meatballs?" and

5. "Please could you send me a copy of the MoD's policy on alien abduction?"




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