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Welcome to the only web site for the dodge50 series of vehicles.

This is the original Picture Gallery Started in 2002.

1 Big Vern Circus Dodge50 B75 71/2 Tonne van. The one that started it all off for me.

2 New Blue for Matt & Family, now fully kitted out for 2 adults and 4 kids, pics coming.

3 Shifty's Dodge.

4 A couple of old scrapies

5 Toby's Dodge50 S46

6 Greg Taylors Page S56 Buses

7 A mixture of S46,56,66,B75+ a nice RB4x4

8 A 1948 Dodge (not a Dodge50) but a bit of history.

9 Tanc's 4X4 RB75

10 Steven Connor's S56 Mini Artic

11 Pauls S46 Gas Van

12 Brians Dodge S 56 With a lovely Paint Job

13 Colour Brochure Pictures Brought on Ebay

14 Early Dodge

15 Bike Dodge50

16 B D's RB44 Oh What a lovely 4X4

17 Richards Photos A mixture of Dodge50's a a Dodge 100 sneeked in.

18 A new mixture From email and other places.

19 Jim Henderson's S56 Bus / Camper conversion.

20 Our New Circus Dodge50 S56 Bus/Camper conversion.

21 Ten more Dodges from The Strawberry Fayre 2003

22 Franks Dodge50 Camper Conversion

23 Gabba's Dodge50 from Germany

24 Big Green The Dodge50 Collection from The Big Green Gathering 2003 100+ photos

25 Some 56's

26 Jonny Byrne's RB44 Lill' Joe Big and Green

25 Chugs Dodgy dodge50

25 Live forum 2005 Some pics from the second annual dodge50 Live Forum.

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This Site is maintained and owned by Greg Wells who owns A 1982 30ft S56 Motorhome (Brian), a 1984 S75 van (Big Vern),
a 1987 S66 Crewcab Tipper (Shorty) and a 1990 S56 Converted Welfare bus (Bonnie Bertha)

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