Build Sheets / Birthday Certificates (and parts manuals)

Every Dodge 50 was built to the customers specifications so each vehicle (even fleet orders) were given a specific 'Build Sheet' and as such no 50 series is alike, there were over 15000 permutations when every SEO (Special Equipment Order) is taken into account.

This means each dodge 50 has it's very own Birthday Certificate!!
I know of no other vehicle where you can find these?

So how does this affect you?

Renault Trucks Head Office had over 15000 vehicle Build Sheets converted from microfiche to Jpeg image file so I could make them available on this web site and for the last 7 years owners have been digging them out, so if your vehicles chassis number is between 208300 and 223600 your vehicles Birthday Certificate is here, you just have to find it.
Click here and you will be taken to an index page which has links to file folders holding the chassis numbers shown in each link, if you get lost / stuck / confused just email me with your chassis number and I will email you back a link to it.
Continue reading for further explanation on how to search for your Build Sheet.

The vehicles covered are as below.
Available Build spec / Birthday sheets
for Mk1 chassis number DD208300 to HD218223 and Mk11 from HD219001 to LD223600 all in jpeg format with an easy'ish index format for you to work through. 15,000 + vehicles can now be searched for their original build specifications.

Chassis Build Spec Sheets and Full Parts Manuals Over 17,000 jpeg images.

(Complete parts manuals for Mk1 and Mk2 available online, see below chassis section)

All in jpeg format with an easy'ish index format for you to work through. 15,000 vehicles can now be searched for original build specifications.
Build spec chassis Index Page for the above chassis numbers.

Chassis numbers main folder directory Here Forget the first two images on ALL directories in the chassis build spec sheet listings and the last image as they are not chassis numbers.

Some directories have more than one sub folder and these are named as the chassis numbers contained within the folder, some of these then have sub folders all names are by chassis number.

15,300+ Chassis numbers available right now!!

The build spec sheets are the specifications that your dodge 50 was built to, all dodge 50's were built to customer specs, giving details which can help when trying to find the correct part like hub seals and the like.

Parts Manuals
for both Mk1 and Mk2 are available online, please refer to the help pages first, the Mk1 parts manual has been indexed but the Mk2 has not.

Mk2 Full Parts Manual Parts manuals, I have managed to upload the whole MK2 microfiche copied parts manual, about 600 images the first two images WILL help loads and the first parts section image on the MK2 parts manual is 0000012.jpg for the M2 petrol slant six engine, you will have to use images 000001.jpg and 000002.jpg to help you work out what's where.

You need to click the New 50 Series-R1B-from August.... Link for the directory and then work your way through the images. See Help page

Mk1 Full parts Manual in two folders more than 1100 images. See Index page first Part one sections A to J Engines to Drive shafts and part two Sections K to V Suspension and wheels to heating system (and ALL Mk1 part numbers 100+ images).

I don't have time to index 600+ images for the Mk2 so if anyone wants to do it and email the results, please do. See help page







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