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OVER 500 Pages of Dodge 50 Information, Service, Maintenance and Pictures. Inc. over 300 Pages from the official Workshop manual.

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Welcome to the only web site for the dodge50 series of vehicles.
This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 pixels and using the Firefox Browser.

Here you can find technical and service information on many aspects of the Renault Dodge / Karrier Dodge 50 series of vehicles, S35, S46, S56, S66, S75 the RB44 and the RB S75.

LATEST NEWS......17,000+ new jpeg images have been added to the site in 4 days!!

Build spec sheets for Mk1 chassis DD208300 (Feb '82) to HD218223 (Aug '87) and Mk11 from HD 219001 (Aug '87 to LD223600 (July '90) all in jpeg format with an easy'ish index format for you to work through. 15,000 vehicles can now be searched for original build specifications.

Complete parts manuals for Mk1 and Mk2 now available online, see below.

Index Page for the above chassis numbers. Chassis numbers main folder directory Here

Forget the first two images on ALL directorys and the last image as they are not chassis numbers.

Some directorys have more than one sub folder and these are named as the chassis numbers contained within the folder, some of these then have sub filders all names by chassis number.

15,300+ Chassis numbers available right now!!

The build spec sheets are the specifications that your dodge 50 was built to, nearly all dodge 50's were built to customer specs, giving details which can help when trying to find the correct part like hub seals and the like.

Parts Manuals

Parts manuals, I have managed to upload the whole MK2 microfisch copied parts manual, about 600 images the first two images WILL help loads and the first parts section image on the MK2 parts manual is 0000012.jpg for the M2 petrol slant six engine, you will have to use images 000001.jpg and 000002.jpg to help you work out whats where.

You need to click the New 50 Series-R1B-from August.... Link for the directory and then work your way through the images.

Mk1 Full parts Manual in two folders more than 1200 images.

Part one sections A to J Engines to Drive shafts and part two Sections K to V Suspension and wheels to heating system (and ALL Mk1 part numbers 100+ images).

I don't have time to index 1800+ images so if anyone wants to do it and email the results, please do.

See help page first.

Where else can I get Help?

If you are looking for a dodge50, selling one, in need of technical help, can't get those parts or just need advice from other dodge50 owners then you need to go to the ever growing dodge50 community at

Where does all this info come from?

Specific technical details and procedures are taken from WSM3005 Dodge / Renault 50 series Workshop manual (1979 to 1993), Renault Technical Division Service Data manuals (1983 to 1992) and Karrier Motors / Talbot / Dodge and Renault Service and Maintenance Manuals (1979 to 1989).

Renualt Trucks UK (Renault Truck Industries) head office team have been very helpfull in the continuing development of the website and forum, providing data and specific vehicle build sheets, had their files converted to pdf / jpeg to make life eaiser, and given workshop manuals and now discounted parts. Thankyou all at Renault Trucks UK.

Who on earth is mad enough to run these sites?

This Site and http:dodge50.aimoo.com are built and Maintained by Greg who has a Mk 2 S56 Tour Bus and a Mk 1 S75 Van.

This site has been built up over the last 5 years and there are many page styles, some dire some more so, rather than spending days / weeks changing each page to look the same I have decided to spend the time putting more stuff up instead.

All spelling and grammatical mistakes are free and part of the service. LOL

DISINFORMATION: This web site and the Forum have been knocked together with 2 bricks and a rubber chicken for your delight and We hope you all enjoy the fine discussions we have on the wonderful dodge50 series of vehicles, all information is either gleamed from the official 50 series workshop manuals OR posted by members of the community.

DATINFORMATION: dodge50.co.uk takes no responsibility for any mistakes or advice given, it's up to you if you take it or not, remember, All material is copyright dodge50.co.uk 2002-2007 unless it's someone else's and it has been begged, borrowed or made up.

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Dodge50.co.ukô DOES sell SOME Parts go to the FORUM then New Parts section for parts listings

DISCLAIMER: Any libel or mistakes in messages that are written by members of the community, inc the admin's and owner of this site www.dodge50.co.uk and http://dodge50.aimoo.com takes no responsibility for them, you need to contact the author and have a moan / send a writ / agree. (delete as you see fit) Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.......Etc.......Etc...........
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