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OVER 18,000+ Pages and images of Dodge 50 Information, Service, Maintenance and Pictures. Inc. 300+ Pages from the official Workshop manual and 1700+ images from the Parts Manuals and 15,000+ vehicle build spec sheets.

Secondhand parts contact

Parts Contacts

Graham has a stock of parts 07759402995

JDS are brill renault parts peeps on 01617868110 ask for Phill


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Welcome to the only web site for the dodge50 series of vehicles.
This site is best viewed with 7 eyes at,1024 x 7680 paces and using Opera Browser Glasses while wearing a Cucumber hat.

Dodge 50 / 100 owners meet up May 2009, go here to the
for more information.

The Community Forum is the place to ask for help with technical questions, sales, parts, also to plead / beg or just rant.

Here you can find technical and service information on many aspects of the Renault Dodge / Karrier Dodge 50 series of vehicles, S35, S46, S56, S66, S75 the RB S66 / S75 and the Army spec RB44.

 Renault / Dodge Parts stocks lists xls files (Opens with Microsoft excel or openoffice free download here) with superceeded parts numbers, prices and availability, some of the parts will no longer be available if they have been sold and not restocked.

Right click on the link and choose download / save as and save to your hard drive.
Dodge parts. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> S75 Parts.
All superceeded parts numbers inc. RB44.
(Old part numbers with new numbers for ordering from Renault trucks.


Parts Manuals available online see help page first .

Mk2 Full Parts Manual 600 images New 50 Series-R1B-from August....

Mk1 Full parts Manual in two folders more than 1100 images.

See Index and help page's first Sections A to J Sections K to V

 Build spec sheets for
Mk1 chassis DD208300 (Feb '82) to HD218223 (Aug '87)
Mk11 from HD 219001 (Aug '87 to LD223600 (July '90)

Chassis numbers main folder directory Here

Where does all this info come from?

Specific technical details and procedures are taken from WSM3005 Dodge / Renault 50 series Workshop manual (1979 to 1993).

Renault Technical Division Service Data manuals (1983 to 1992) and Karrier Motors / Talbot/ Chrysler / Dodge and Renault Service and Maintenance Manuals, Specification and Technical Build Sheets, Vehicle Specific S.E.O.'s, Military Service Manuals and Other SEO Spec Material(1978 to 1993).

Renualt Trucks UK (Renault Truck Industries) head office team have been very helpfull in the continuing development of the website and forum, providing data and specific vehicle build sheets, had their files converted to pdf / jpeg to make life eaiser, and given workshop manuals and now discounted parts. Thank you all at Renault Trucks UK (especially Andy).

Who on earth is mad enough to run these sites?

This Site and the Community forum are built and Maintained by Greg who has Bonnie Bertha, a Mk 2 S56 Tour Bus, Big Vern, a Mk 1 S75 Van, Shorty, Mk 2 S66 crewcab tipper truck.

And now has possession of this vehicle, Brian, a 30ft long S56 DodgyBago our new home with wind turbine for power, more pics soon.

This site has been built up over the last 7 years and there are many page styles, some dire some more so, rather than spending days / weeks changing each page to look the same I have decided to spend the time putting more stuff up instead.

All spelling and grammatical mistakes are free and part of the service. LOL

DISINFORMATION: This web site and the Forum have been knocked together with 2 bricks and a rubber chicken for your delight and We hope you all enjoy the fine discussions we have on the wonderful dodge50 series of vehicles, all information is either gleamed from the official 50 series workshop manuals OR posted by members of the community.

DATINFORMATION: takes no responsibility for any mistakes or advice given, it's up to you if you take it or not, remember, All material is copyright 2002-2008 unless it's someone else's and it has been begged, borrowed or made up.

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From the archives.

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5. "Please could you send me a copy of the MoD's policy on alien abduction?"

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DISCLAIMER: Any libel or mistakes in messages that are written by members of the community, inc the admin's and owner of this site and takes no responsibility for them, you need to contact the author and have a moan / send a writ / agree. (delete as you see fit) Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.......Etc.......Etc...........
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There are still over 2500 Mot'd Dodge 50 and 100 series vehicles on the uk roads, this figure does not include test exempted vehicles or any non uk registered Dodges, this figure has been provided by Renault Trucks UK via the DVLA.